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She Doesn't Want The World

Have you ever seen someone slowly kill themself? And think its fine?
If not then you have no idea what me and Anthony are going through. About 5 months ago my little sister (step sister Anthony's real sister) stoped eating again. By three months into it she lost the light in her eyes. She stopped talking to her friends and slowly even us. She doesnt have that same playful laughter she one had, or that million dollar smile we all came to love. You can see the pain and hidden agany in the way she walks and the fake show she puts on to say I'm alright. Her pail, shallow, frail body looks ready to just collapes if you even try to hold her.
We try everyday to just do everything we can for her. But she only hides farther away from us. She locks herself in her room all day, she wont even go to school anymore. But Anthony has found out she leaves her bedroom door open the one that leads to the bathroom. He quietly walks into there and just watches her sleep. We wonder in her sleep is she that depressed as she is when shes awake? But I just want her to be happy. But this cant be the end can it?


God, help us through this darkness and overpass to the light. Guide Shelby into the right direction and save her from this hold life has her in. Just please dont take her from us.

The First Day Of My Life

That day, that day that we all have been waiting for has finaly came.
On October 30th, little Alice Marie Decore was welcomed into the world by her loveing parents Ashley and Anthony Decore.
She weighed around 6 ibs and 4 ounces and she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
She is currently home with me right now and asleep.
Usualy the father would be so scared to have a new born baby into his life but Anthony welcomed her just as loving as I did.
He even feeds her and changes her!
Ha I never thought I would see the day for that.

Everyone seems to be doing better as well.
Alex and Shelby are home alot more and trying to fix thier relationship with each other.
And Anthony well hes just trying to spend all his time with his baby girl as well with me.
I'm happy that that day has come.
OH! and my  babys birthday is a day before mine!!!
=] we will be able to celebrate together.
Well enough of an update Alice just woke up and needs to be fed.
Much love sent ♥

For You

For you to always be by my side through thick and thin honestly
means the world to me. Your like sky and my earth, and I love you with every cell and nerve thats in me.
Youve givin me a loving life and a wonderful boyfriend and now a baby boy.
But no matter what you will always be my number one.
I love you baby.



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